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Aromatherapy Oil | Passion and Desire Scent

Aromatherapy Oil | Passion and Desire Scent

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Experience powerful enchantment with the Passion and Desire Aromatherapy Oil. Its highly concentrated blend of essential and natural fragrance oils captivates with its ultra sexy, warm notes of amber and vanilla. Just a few drops create an ambiance of passion and desire that will last for hours. Let your senses indulge!


  • 100% Oil
  • Chemical free
  • Vigorous scent

Product details

Our diffuser oils come in 1 oz bottles and are blended with all-natural ingredients. Begin with 2-3 drops for a powerful scent throw. Increase as desired. Follow the instructions on your electric diffuser to add water. Add 3 drops of diffuser oil and enjoy. (Add a few more drops for a stronger scent)

For reed diffuser, add oil to your container. Allow reeds to soak up the oil for 3-4 minutes. Then flip reeds and also spread them out so air can circulate around them. Allow up to 24 hours for fragrance to fully diffuse. 

Our candles focus primarily on healing, using very mild scents to aid. Hand-poured, clean, and slow-burning 100% soy wax candle with cotton wick. 8 oz with 50+ hour burn time

Keep away from wind or breeze as this may cause tunneling. Do not burn unattended.

To get the most benefit of this special candle, follow these steps:

  1. Sit quietly for a few moments allowing your thoughts to slow down. An easy way to do this is to choose to focus on your breath and your body moving with your breath, the sound of birds chirping outside, wind blowing through the trees, or running water.
  2. Set your intention for lighting the candle. Keep it simple, and be clear. For example: With the Happy Vibes candle, your intention could be “feel upbeat and joyful”.
  3. Let the intention go. No need to repeat it continuously or keep your attention focused there. Simply let the intention go and continue on with your activity.

Customer Reviews

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Darian Barrows

Smells awesome it's just a tiny bottle was expecting a bigger bottle but what little bit I have smells awesome

Dewayne Dietrich


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